Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Queen Morgan of #KASIWC by @KimHeadlee visits #RLFBlog! #MFRWOrg #ASMSG

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King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court
by Mark Twain as channeled by
Kim Iverson Headlee
To learn more about the formidable Morgan the Wise,
sister of King Arthur and
Queen of Gore,
I invite you to visit this post on Romance Lives Forever.

One thing that post does not cover, however, is her favorite saying:

"The past is past. 
The game goes on."

This is the wisdom she imparts to her London Knights baseball players whenever their spirits need lifting.

Wait. What? Baseball?? In a book about Morgan le Fay and King Arthur???

Yes, and it wouldn't be the first time.

Baseball was just beginning to come into its own as the American "national pastime" in 1879, the year Mark Twain began writing A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court and the year he chose for his Yankee's departure to travel back in time. The National League had formed just three years earlier, in response to blossoming interest in the sport across the nation.

It was only proper that Twain have his Connecticut Yankee introduce baseball to the sixth century and King Arthur's court.

And it was more than proper for me to take Twain's idea and turn it on its collective ear, allowing Queen Morgan not only to helm a world-champion baseball team, but to foretell other improvements in the game of the late 21st century.

These improvements include form-hugging uniforms ("immensely popular, especially within the female age 18–80 demographic"), and the creation of the European League and the Asian League to complement the existing National and American leagues—along with an entirely new playoff "Banner" tier—so that the game truly represents its growing worldwide popularity.

Just how involved does Queen Morgan get with her London Knights?

Ah, fair reader, that is for you to discover for yourself! :D


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