Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Happy Holidays from The Dawnflier of author @KimHeadlee! #MFRWOrg #ASMSG

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I hope this holiday season continues to fill you with joy, wonder, and blessings today and throughout the coming year.

If you like thrilling, poignant, well-written fiction, I know you'll love these titles:
  • Snow in July ~ a medieval paranormal romance novel about a distressed damsel who wields a fierce fireplace poker and the smoking hot knight she must rescue from himself.
    ~ Kindle ~ Nook ~ Kobo ~ iBooks ~ Google Play ~
  • The Color of Vengeance ~ a historical fiction short story about a man who loses everyone he loves and must reconcile the demands of his head with those of his heart.
    ~ Kindle ~ Nook ~ Kobo ~ iBooks ~ Google Play ~
  • Raging Sea: Reckonings ~ part one of my full-length novel featuring the coming-of-age and identity reclamation journey of Angusel, the Lancelot character in my Dragon's Dove Chronicles series.
    ~ Kindle ~ Nook ~ Kobo ~ iBooks ~ Google Play ~
  • Twins ~ a doom of Camelot story as you have never seen it before (Kindle only ~ free worldwide 12/27/-12/28/2017 and free with your Kindle Select or Amazon Prime membership until 01/13/2018, when I plan to make it available on other retail platforms).

These great books are discounted or free today as my gift to you. Enjoy!


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