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TITLE – Liberty, second edition
AUTHOR – Kim Iverson Headlee
GENRE – Historical Romance
PUBLICATION DATE – December 2014
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 494 pages/118K words
PUBLISHER – Pendragon Cove Press
COVER DESIGNER – Natasha Brown
AUDIOBOOK – Lillian Rachel

“When the legend becomes fact, 
print the legend.”

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They hailed her “Liberty,” but only her heart could set her free.

Betrayed by her father and sold as payment of a Roman tax debt to fight in Londinium’s arena, gladiatrix-slave Rhyddes feels like a wild beast in a gilded cage. Celtic warrior blood flows in her veins, but Roman masters own her body. She clings to her vow that no man shall claim her soul, though Marcus Calpurnius Aquila, son of the Roman governor, makes her yearn for a love she believes impossible.

Groomed to follow in his father’s footsteps and trapped in a politically advantageous betrothal, Aquila prefers the purity of combat on the amphitheater sands to the sinister intrigues of imperial politics, and the raw power and athletic grace of the flame-haired Libertas to the adoring deference of Rome’s noblewomen.

When a plot to overthrow Caesar ensnares them as pawns in the dark design, Aquila must choose between the Celtic slave who has won his heart and the empire to which they both owe allegiance. Trusting no man and knowing the opposite of obedience is death, the only liberty offered to any slave, Rhyddes must embrace her arena name—and the love of a man willing to sacrifice everything to forge a future with her.

E-book edition
Paperback edition

Original art (c)2014 by Jessica Headlee
Excerpt from Chapter 3:

JAMIL OF TANIS, Egyptian by birth and a Roman citizen by right of having survived two decades of compulsory military service, including a stint as a centurion of the Praetorian Guard, flicked his horsetail whisk, much as its original bearer had done, to chase off flies as he strode past Londinium’s wharves toward the slave market. Lord Ra shone strong and bright on this, the nineteenth day of July by the Romans’ reckoning, and the first day of the Egyptian new year.

Word on the street buzzed that a ship had arrived with captives from northern Britannia. As owner of Villa Britanniae, Londinium’s gladiatorial school, and the gladiators’ principal trainer, Jamil kept a constant watch for promising candidates. And on such a propitious day as this, he hoped the goddess Maat would deign to be generous.

Years ago, while fighting to quell the Picti uprising that had convinced Hadrian’s successor, Emperor Antoninus Pius, to build a second wall across northern Britannia, Jamil had observed fierce women warriors swelling the barbarians’ ranks. Perhaps some had been captured at long last. Female gladiators had become quite the rage across the empire, and not always for their fighting skills.

But even if Jamil could add a gladiatrix to his collection and she became the provincial champion, he had no wish to take her to Rome. There, death awaited him.

REVIEWS (most recent first)
  • Amber of Imaginative Dreams: 5* Liberty has "made it onto my favorites list and my must re-read list. I loved it and can't wait to read more from [Kim Headlee]."
  • Cynthia of Cynthia Bloggs: 4* Liberty is "a great piece of historical fiction that really pushes into the dark nethers of the gladiator world."
  • Danielle "Dtink": 4* "The battle scenes were described to perfection and it was just a very fun read!!"
  • Rebecca of Family, Books and Food!: Liberty "shows what one is willing to give up for true love if that's what it takes to be with the one you love."
  • Vicki of Historical Romance Writer and Lover of Books...Vikki Vaught: "I became so enmeshed at times that I felt as if I were in the arena fighting."
  • Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock: 4 Fangs: "I was engrossed."
  • Snapdragon of Long and Short Reviews: 4* "Liberty immediately seizes the reader's attention and sympathy."
  • Librarian Judith of Straight from the Library: 4* "Ms. Headlee has brought us a historical romance that is much more than just a historical romance."
  • The Voluptuous Book Diva says: 4.5* "What an amazing historical romance! [Liberty is] a well written and developed story with beautiful and strong characters."
  • TipsyDreamer of Romantic Fanatic: 5* While reading Liberty, "don't put anything in the oven without a timer [or] you may have to make a call for pizza. :D"
  • AnneMarie of Buried Under Romance: 5* "Your heart will bleed for the plight of Libertas, and what seems the impossible relationship with Marcus."
  • Julia the Romorror Fan Girl: 5* Rhyddes is "one of my favorite heroines of all time."
  • Sean Farrell from BooksGoSocial: Liberty is "a love story with a difference. Offering a vividly portrayed panorama of a long vanished world, Liberty is at once a prince-and-pauper love story, a tale of unrequited love, a clash of cultures and a historical drama rolled into one."
  • Ashley from Love, Life & Book Lust: 4* "Must read."
  • Sue Ellen from girlygirlbookreviews: 5* Liberty "enraptured me from the beginning."
  • April from My Book Addiction and More: Top 10 historical settings, and 4* review: "Unique and entertaining read."
  • Cat's Reviews: 4* "Tons of action -- written beautifully."
  • Diane from A Celebration of Books: 4* "A nice addition to your library."
  • Babu's Bookshelf: 4.5 (5 on Amazon) "You just want to keep reading and reading to find out what happens next."
  • Liza O'Connor: "Without reservation, nothing to be improved, a delight from start to finish, I give this 5 stars."
  • Mousiey Books: 5* "A Must Read; get your copy today!!!!!"
  • My Life Loves and Passion: 4* Liberty is "a very good book."
  • Steamy book momma: 4* Review: Liberty is "wonderfully written with fantastic characters."
  • Love Bites and Silk: 5* "This is easily one of my favourite historical romances of the year. If you love historical romance, then this is a must read."
  • Heidi from DRC Promotions:  5* "Epic."
  • Arthurian Romances: 5* "The savagery, ferocity coupled with the longing and purity of true love makes Liberty a captivating must read!"
  • To Be Honest: "I absolutely LOVE this book!"

Paperback cover:
Her own fierce heart would set her free.
Liberty by Kim Iverson Headlee paperback edition

Older cover by HQN Books, 2006:

Please RT 5* LIBERTY by #MFRWAuthor @KimHeadlee ancient Rome historical romance

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