Wednesday, May 13, 2020

#WhatToDoWednesday: Get Inspired Wherever You Are @KimHeadlee

Garden City Beach, South Carolina
©2016 by Kim Headlee

A couple of months ago, when we in the US finally began realizing that the world was in the process of flipping upside down, the emails about the importance of public safety began flooding our inboxes.

At first, I appreciated hearing from restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses I patronize about the steps they were taking to ensure the well being of their customers and employees, but after awhile, those emails started looking like they were all pretty much developed from the same boilerplate text.

All except one.

On March 19, stock-image provider Dreamstime shared with their customers:

“We know great ideas don't need a special place, they can come at your place. Work online, no matter where you get creative from…” (emphasis mine) offers free images now and then in addition to their paid subscriptions, and I plan to attach their offerings to future posts. However, since some of my best inspiration comes when I am near water, I today I chose to share one of my photos of Garden City Beach, SC.

In looking at the photo’s date stamp, I had quite forgotten that I had taken the photo barely a week before Hurricane Matthew devastated the area.

For the past several years, I had been utilizing the Myrtle Beach timeshare weeks my husband had inherited from his dad—one in late March and the other in late September—and those trips have done wonders for recharging my creative batteries. I cancelled my March trip this year because of the pandemic, and my September visit is looking less likely by the day, so I must find other ways to become inspired.

One of those ways is to simply gaze at images containing water. An ocean beach is my favorite type of scene, but any water will do… lake, river, waterfall, even a lone drop of water contains the potential to calm my mind and open it to infinite possibilities.

I hope this photo helps to calm and inspire you too. And if you have another source of inspiration that works better for you, please consider sharing it in the comments below.

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