Monday, April 18, 2016

#KASIWC by @KimHeadlee wins IBPA Gold and gets an e-book cover makeover! #MFRWOrg #ASMSG

Spell failed by 300 miles & 200 years!
Whatever is a queen of magic and
minions to do?
King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court
by Mark Twain as channeled by
Kim Iverson Headlee.
Thursday marks the 106th anniversary of Mark Twain's death (April 21, 1910, 6:21 p.m. ET), and in honor of the occasion I have planned something very special: a new cover for the e-book edition of King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court!

The woman on the cover is Queen Morgan le Fay —pardon me, Morgan the Wise (she gets twitchy when you call her "le Fay," and even twitchier if you call her glorious auburn hair "red"… and you might not survive the fallout :D). The Washington Monument at sunset stands proudly in the background.


Because Her Majesty tried to cast a spell to take her to 1879 Connecticut to waylay the Yankee Sir Boss before he could travel back in time to screw up her world, but she landed in Washington, DC—of 2079—instead!

This magical mishap, causing the most powerful sorceress of the sixth century to pit her considerable skills against the futuristic technology of the latter twenty-first century, makes this novel a true fantasy / science fiction crossover. As such, I am pleased to announce that…

KASIWC  has won the gold medal in the
2016 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy!


Given Mark Twain's famous association with Nikola Tesla, and his fascination with cutting-edge technology in general, I like to think Twain would have been proud of this sequel to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

Four photos comprise KASIWC's new cover, including Queen Morgan's necklace and a pocket watch displaying its gears. Graphic designer Natasha Brown of Fostering Success did a marvelous job of blending all the elements, don't you agree? This new e-book cover is being revealed on several sites across the blogisphere this week.

I am also tickled to announce that I am scheduled to sign KASIWC at the Connecticut Renaissance Fair on Sunday October 16, and I'll be speaking at The Mark Twain House October 17! Yes I know it's six months off, but I've been sitting on this news for several months already, and I just couldn't keep it in any longer. Set your calendars. :D

Another spot of news brewing on the much more imminent horizon: the KASIWC audiobook edition is in final review, and it features a fantastic performance by the talented British voiceover artist Danielle Cohen.

While you wait for my announcement of the audiobook links, why not jump-start your reading pleasure and download your e-copy of KASIWC today? Queen Morgan foretells that you shall be glad you did.


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