Monday, February 1, 2016

February Fandango in The Dawnflier (Feb. 2016) #ASMSG #IARTG #MFRWOrg

Photo c2013 by Kim Headlee.
No, the photo caption does not have a typo; I snapped the picture through the windshield of our truck the morning after a storm in January 2013 that left us with more snow (16") than "Snowmageddon 2016" did (a "mere" 10-12"). 

This year it was dismal and gray, with more snow threatening to fall the morning after the big storm, and I wasn't as happy with how those pictures came out. I am thankful that we weathered this year's event without losing power for once; we're on a well, so for us, no power = no water. I hope that either you weren't affected by this storm, or if you were, that things are getting back to a more even keel for you in its aftermath.

BREAKING NEWS: I have agreed to function as publisher for an elderly friend and longtime fan of my books. He’s a retired teacher of high school history and government who once told me that he’d have gladly used my novel Dawnflight in his classroom had it been available then. To date, that remains among the highest compliments anyone has paid any of my books, and I am honored to assist Dr. Fred Eichelman in publishing Faith, Family, Film: A Teacher’s Trek. Please stay tuned for more news about this charming and informative “not a memoir.”

MORE BREAKING NEWS: I am running a giveaway for print copies of The Challenge. Enter online via this link, but hurry – the contest ends one minute before midnight PT on 02/05/2016!

I had a lot of fun at MarsCon 2016 presenting my Business of Writing workshop and being a member of several panels. 

What's that? You wanted to attend my workshop but couldn't make it to Williamsburg? No worries, my friend! I will be presenting it again on Saturday, February 13 as part of Farpoint 23 at the Radisson North Baltimore Hotel in Timonium, MD. Stay tuned for another blog post detailing my full schedule.

Thanks for your faithful support of my work,
and if Snowzilla pounds on your door again, 
for heaven's sake, don’t answer it! :)

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