Monday, September 21, 2015

Author @Jemima_Pett Reviews #KASIWC by @KimHeadlee time travel #SFF Twain sequel

Whatever is a queen of
magic and minions to do?
Next week on The Maze I am excited to introduce you to the first installment in the wonderful middle-grade kids' fantasy-mystery series, The Princelings by Jemima Pett, titled The Princelings of the East.

Jemima and I "met" this past May during my blog tour for King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court (#KASIWC), wherein she posted her terrific and amusing review, reblogged here for your reading pleasure:

May 13, 2015
I confess that my knowledge of Arthurian legend is not as good as some people’s; mine is heavily biased by the musical Camelot, by Disney’s The Sword in the Stone, and by, er, not finishing The Once and Future King.  Maybe I should finish it.  But I have the basics.  I wasn’t entirely up to speed with Morgan Le Fay’s part in proceedings.  I may be closer now.

Queen Morgan is in the middle of some critical negotiations when she gets waylaid and moved forward in time to a mediaeval pageant.  She quickly works out that this is false… in fact it’s being put on for her benefit to settle her in – she’s actually way in the future, about 2079, in fact.  I was disappointed to discover that the power suit with high heels is still the armour of the successful businesswoman, but style and practicality aside, I love the developments of both technology and society that Queen Morgan aka Morganna encounters, and her rationalisation of them to parallels with her own universe.  In fact, this rationalisation is so good, for us poor beings in the middle of UK Election fever, it leaves me positively in favour of Morganna’s solutions to all sorts of political nonsense.  Vote Morganna – or at least, vote President Malory for life!

For someone allergic to baseball (and pretty much to all overpaid sports that are worshipped by people spending too much money for a pathetic seat in a stadium for the benefit of an already superrich owner) the emphasis on the sport and its game play could be tedious.  Note the ‘could be’.  I give Kim Iverson Headlee 5 stars for managing to write a baseball book I enjoyed, let alone the superb world-building, dry wit and sarcasm of the political shenanigans, and the heady combination of gangsterism, time travel, social insight, and historical fiction.

I suspect all the people who enjoy the more offbeat books I review on my blog will love this!

Thanks again, Jemima—Vote Morganna, indeed! :)

Next week on The Maze: my review of The Princelings of the East by Jemima Pett.

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