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Character interview of Alain from SNOW IN JULY #RLFblog #MFRWOrg #BZBooks

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Interview with Sir Robert Alain de Bellencombre from Snow in July

RLF Blog: Tell us about yourself, please.

Alain: I am the second son of Comte Hugh FitzWalter, by his second wife, Comtesse Margaret. Formally I am called Sir Robert, but my kin and closest friends call me Alain.

The “de Bellencombre” choice of surname refers to the village in which I was born, Bellencombre, in Normandy. My sword is pledged to the service of Duke William of Normandy, now styled King William of England by God’s grace through his victory at the Battle of Hastings. I fought in this battle too, as did my younger brother Étienne—though it shames me to admit that I was unable to save him from death at the hands of a ruthless Saxon foe.

RLF Blog: What inner doubt causes you the most difficulty?

Alain: In failing to protect Étienne, I failed our mother too, for I had sworn upon my own life that I would guard his. Now I face a royally commanded marriage, when all I would rather do is live and die by the sword, and I fear that I shall not be able to protect my bride either. As a means of dealing with my doubts, I have assumed the guise of a squire to scout the lady, her lands… and the mysterious reports of hellish beasts and sorcerous acts that the king’s regent has ordered me to investigate.

RLF Blog: Tell us about your significant other, that person who makes living worthwhile.

Alain: The moment my eyes beheld my bride, her sweet angelic beauty made me forget all my fears and doubts. And yet she seems to harbor grief and secrets—and perhaps even doubts and fears—of her own. As a scout, I am accustomed to ferreting out secrets, and so I shall learn hers, for I want nothing more than to kiss away her grief and transform her tears into joy.

RLF Blog: What would that person say about you?

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Alain: Lady Kendra would say that I am far too bold for a “squire,” for when I am in her presence I am sorely tempted to act outside propriety’s bounds. Thus far, I have restrained myself to offering her the gift of a single red rose, but I fear even that was too brash a gesture, for it caused her to flee my presence. I shudder to think how she will react when I confess my deception, but as God is my witness, I shall do whatever it takes to make amends and earn her forgiveness.

RLF Blog: If someone from your past showed up, who would you NOT want it to be, and why?

Alain: My older half brother, Philippe FitzHugh, has ever feared that I covet the title and lands he inherited from our father. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but he has never believed my assurances, and he has undercut me at every opportunity—even to the point of luring my first fiancée into his bed. If I ever see either Philippe or Marie again in this lifetime, it shall be far too soon.

RLF Blog: Why are you happy (or not happy) with the way your story ended?

Alain: Ah, fair reader, that is for you to discover. I shall not spoil it for you except to say that Kendra and I are both happy with our story’s ending… though it did not come without terrible peril to our honor, our lives, and even our very souls.

To learn more about Alain and my challenges in writing about him, please visit the RLF Blog.


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