Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winners, appearances, and other book news by Kim Headlee in The Dawnflier Feb 2015 #MFRWOrg

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Sept. 2013
The Dawnflier, February 2015

I'm releasing my newsletter a day early this month because on Feb. 1st I introduce a new series on my blog: #SundaySnippets! Stay tuned. :)

First,  please join me in congratulating the winners (already notified) of the #KASIWC/King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court Rafflecopter: KR, Kim, Ron, Angela, Melissa, Mary, Victoria, Ed, Kami, and SB! Thank you all--and everyone who entered--for your support of my work!

You didn't see your name on this list? Scroll down for ways to win an e-copy of Liberty! The print edition is in proof review and will be available soon.

In February I am scheduled as a guest author at:
  • Farpoint (Feb. 13-15, Hunt Valley, MD)
  • Mysticon (Feb. 27-March 1, Roanoke, VA)
If you're attending either of these cons, please look me up and say hi!

In other book news, my experiment to keep two different versions of Morning's Journey in print (basically, different covers) has proven successful, so I am repeating the process with Dawnflight. This means I can offer books designed to appeal to different audiences, because I have received positive feedback (and sales!) for both cover styles.

To see what I mean, compare the newer cover for Morning's Journey, which matches the e-book cover, with the 2013 edition. When the new Dawnflight print links become available, I will announce it here.

Thanks for your continued interest in my novels, and I hope you have a love-filled February!

This month, you are invited to... 
— Add Kim as a Favorite Author on 
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— Subscribe to Kim's YouTube channel
— Leave a comment on any page of The Maze, especially if you have done the Amazon, Twitter, and/or YouTube follow
...and each action this month is good for one chance to win an e-book copy of Liberty. Please enter often, and good luck!

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