Saturday, August 13, 2016

There's no reasoning with unreasonable men in Ch 13/sc 2e of RAGING SEA by @KimHeadlee #amwriting

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c2014 by Natasha Brown.
As warleader, wielding no political authority, Arthur at this point in The Dragon's Dove Chronicles must play the long game, especially when it comes to dealing with his rival and former subordinate, Chieftain Urien.

And Arthur's game is a tricky one indeed. There is little love lost between these two alphas since Urien lost the woman he had hoped to marry—and her vast wealth—to Arthur in Dawnflight.

In today's excerpt from Raging Sea, Urien demonstrates just how much of a hold his wife, Arthur's youngest sister Morghe (Morgan le Fay), has upon him.

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Raging Sea Chapter 13, Scene 2e
©2016 by Kim Headlee
All rights reserved.

Chieftain Bann rose from his bench to face Urien. He lifted his arms, and the crowd quieted.

“My lord Urien, we share your outrage, and we agree that this wrong should be redressed. But I speak for everyone on the council when I say that all the troops we can spare at present are already committed to the Angli campaign—”

“Damn the Angli! They can wait! The Saxons need to be punished now!” Urien’s coloring was careening toward a dangerous shade of red.

“Then I wish you good fortune in your campaign, Urien,” said Arthur. “I can fight only one war at a time. Most of the legion is at Senaudon by now. To pull them back a second time will doom Clan Lothian.” And my other sister and her children!But of course there could be no reasoning with unreasonable men. Urien repeated his anti-Saxon sentiments even louder and angrier, getting a sizable number of chieftains to express agreement. He shared nods with them before addressing Bann. “I demand a vote! It is my right as a member of this council!”

Chieftain Bann seemed prepared to grant Urien’s wish but stopped before uttering a word. He stared toward the far doors, sympathy cascading in palpable waves over his countenance.


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