Monday, August 1, 2016

August Dog Days with The Dawnflier (Aug 2016)

Welcome to the Dog Days on The Maze!

© Petar Maksimovic | - Happy Samoyed dog in the grass.
Our Great Pyrenees dogs were too busy to pose for me, but I hope you enjoy this Samoyed pup just the same. :)

Hot news: I experienced a record month for print edition sales at the Patchwork Quilters Jamboree and the US Route 21 100-Mile Yard Sale! I offer a special welcome and thanks to all of you who purchased my books and signed up for the email edition of The Dawnflier at these events.

Really hot news: Two new editions will be available soon:
  • El Reto, the Spanish edition of The Challenge, which is already available for Kindle, will also become available for Nook, Kobo, iTunes, and other digital platforms. Next up: figuring out how to create the dual English-Spanish print edition for El Reto and its related story, El Color de la Venganza (Spanish edition of The Color of Vengeance).
  • The print edition of the novella Kings, a sword-and-sorcery story cowritten with Patricia Duffy Novak, will soon be available to order online and purchase at my in-person events.
Really, really hot news: Progress is hopping on my Business of Writing nonfiction book, and I’m scheduled to send it to my editor on August 18.

Almost-too-hot-to-handle news: On July 28th, my medieval paranormal romance Snow in July surpassed 3,500 paid downloads on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and Kobo! The same week, my permafree title The Color of Vengeance surpassed 5,000 free downloads, bringing the combined total of paid and free downloads of all my digital books to well over 15K. My deepest thanks go out to everyone who made these milestones possible!

Upcoming Appearances:
Happy Dog Days, and stay cool, my friends!

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