Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Business of Writing: A Marketing Opportunity with @AuthorTinaGayle's #EggcerptExchange!

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Marketing your book is not about sales.

Wait. What??

Yes, you read that right.

Marketing is the act of making the best of opportunities to get your name and your book's information in front of readers at least seven times before they're willing to take a chance on your work.

Once that relationship is established, the sales will come.

A fantastic opportunity to cross-pollinate your work across the blogisphere is the annual Eggcerpt Exchange organized by my author-friend Tina Gayle. The exchange is open to all authors with blogs who are willing to spotlight other authors in a reciprocal arrangement.

The procedure is pretty simple.

Visit the Eggcerpt Exchange signup page on Tina's blog to leave a comment with your name, your blog and availability for hosting other authors, the genre(s) in which you write, and how an interested party may contact you for setting up an exchange (if leaving an email address, I recommend writing it in such a way that spam bots will have a harder time mining it from the post).

Eggcerpt Exchange spotlights may be posted at any time between February 1st and March 31st—roughly, the Lent and Easter season with a few days added to both ends to round out the months. Each post consists of information about the book to be featured (cover, synopsis, PG-13 or milder excerpt, buy links), a brief author bio, and an interview centered upon one of the characters in the featured book.

If you are a multi-published author, different books may be spotlighted on different blogs throughout the duration of the Eggcerpt Exchange as long as the character interview matches a character in the given book.

Basically, the only no-no is not to reciprocate, and in the three or so years that I've participated, that has never been an issue.

I hope to be featuring your books on The Maze soon!


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