Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Business of Writing Workshop Update: Diving Deeper (workshop part 2) #ASMSG #MFRWOrg

Elephant Rock, Heimaey, Islas Vestman, Suðurland, Islandia,
c2014-08-17 by DD_036 via Wikimedia Commons.
Last week was a hoot and a half for me: I learned rather at the last minute that the Rising Star programming chair had scheduled my "Business of Writing" workshop for not one hour but two! That left me scrambling to assemble a second presentation.

Fortunately, having blogged about various Business of Writing topics once a week since the beginning of June, I had a wealth of material upon which to draw.

The topics I selected for part 2, which I titled "Diving Deeper":
A timely article about the essentials of public speaking by author Nikki Woods reminded me of several tips and techniques: -- though, for the record, I didn't do a lot of practicing, as she suggests, because as I mentioned last week, my public-speaking strength lies in being extemporaneous and connecting with the audience.

I am pleased to report that both workshop sessions went quite well at Rising Star! Since I am slotted for just one hour at ChessieCon (Baltimore, MD, "Black Friday" 11/27/2015,  4:15 p.m.), I feel quite well prepared to do a good job there -- though I may give a quick run-down of both sets of topics and ask the audience which presentation they would prefer to see.

Part one's list of topics may be viewed here. If you could attend one of my Business of Writing workshops, which topics would you like to learn more about?

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