Thursday, October 1, 2015

Falling into News from the Dawnflier (Oct. 2015) #ASMSG #IARTG #IAN1

Milo, 5/29/2014 (c) Kim Headlee.
Those of you who receive the e-mail version of The Dawnflier know who I will be honoring at this time next month. Today I would like to introduce you to my daughter's favorite cat, Milo, whom we almost lost to a gall bladder issue a few weeks ago. 

He's thinner these days as compared with the picture taken last year, but fortunately he had the poundage to spare. We're still having to medicate him twice a day, but the course of antibiotics is done now, so he's getting only one pill every 12 hours.

If you've ever had to pill a cat—let alone having to administer two pills twice a day for weeks on end—you're welcome to offer your sympathies in the comments section!

I cannot say that Milo is the easiest cat I've ever had to treat, but we do have an understanding. He understands that he must endure these daily indignities, and I understand that I may not come away unscathed. :D

We will find out next month whether this will be a lifelong therapy for him.

Meantime, in book news:
  • I have decided to release Raging Sea in installments as I push through to the end of the full-length work. The first part, titled Reckonings, will be approximately 25K words and should be available in Kindle Unlimited next month.
  • I was hoping to have the first "episode" of the Kindle version of The Challenge graphic novel available this month, but the art is proceeding slower than expected. However, a teaser graphic will be unveiled during its next two blog tours, October 27 and October 28. Those tours still have room for hosts, and thank you if you have already signed up! The original Kindle edition will be free again on those two days too.
  • Another tour I have scheduled for December that is looking for hosts is a review-only tour for my three standalone novels, King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court, Liberty, and Snow in July. The signup form is here, and hosts are welcome to review one, two, or all three books; thanks so much!
  • Upcoming appearances include:
    • Rising Star 24 (October 23-24, Bluefield State College, Bluefield, WV, $5 admission)
    • The New River Valley Comic-Con (October 31, New River Community College, Dublin, VA, admission FREE)
    • ChessieCon 2015 (November 27-29, Radisson North Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore, MD, admission $55 (adult) until Nov. 15; $60 at door; various discounts for young adults and children)
Thank you for your interest in and support of my work, and may your Fall this year have a soft landing. :)


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