Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Free book promotion sites! #ampromoting #MFRWOrg #IARTG #ASMSG

Who doesn't love free stuff?
And when you're an author on a limited budget,
"free" is music to the ears!
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Check out these great opportunities to snag some free promo if your e-book qualifies:

  • Post a comment on if your e-book is free or permafree (must apply for an account on the site first; scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page). Permafree posts stay active for 5 days. Restrictions: No erotica; all cover images must be family-friendly. Warning: if your book is not free at the time you post your comment, it will be deleted from the list.
  • If your e-book is $5.99 or less and has at least 5 reviews on Amazon, you can promote your book at (must apply for an account on the site first). Restrictions: No erotica; all cover images must be family-friendly.
  • This isn't a "promotional" site per se, but if you add your Kindle titles to, readers can find them in that catalog and request a free personalized autograph from you for their digital collection. Requires a Twitter account prior to setting up a Authorgraph author account, and there is no charge to authors for this service. (Readers may have to pay a nominal delivery charge depending on their e-reader type.)
  • If your e-book is $5.00 or less, you can submit your book for consideration for a free listing at
  • FREE PROMO UNTIL JUNE 1ST: mailing list promotion, with several different options depending on how many reviews your e-book has, whether it's a new release, etc. Restrictions: authors of multiple titles may only submit one title every 30 days. For all categories except New Release, a title must not have been published within the last 90 days; i.e., pick the New Release category if it's that recent, but no pre-orders are allowed under any circumstances. "Betty reserves the right to decline any submission for any reason she sees fit." After June 1st, authors will be charged a nominal fee for this service.
  • If your e-book is $3.00 or less or is going to be on sale for $3.00 or less, you can submit your book at If it's free for a limited time, submit at, and if it's permafree, submit at (Unfortunately, their link to more free-promo sites no longer exists.)
  • If your Kindle e-book is $2.99 or less and has at least 5 reviews with a 3.5 or higher rating, you can submit your book for consideration at: Restrictions: No erotica. Requires email validation as part of the submission process.
  • If your e-book is scheduled for a free promo or is permafree, you can submit it for consideration to
  • Free listings for a "limited time" are available via, a juried subscriber email service. There are several caveats, including the fact that they might not select your submission, they don't list more than one book per month by the same author, and the same book cannot be featured more frequently than once every four months, but if you have high-quality content inside and out, it's worth a shot!
Good luck!

Speaking of free...
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