Friday, February 27, 2015

Baby Goat Update and other news from The Dawnflier March 2015 #Arthurverse

Aurora (foreground) in front of her mom Idriel.
Punx (head up) and Tawny in background.
(c) 02/17/2015 by Kim Headlee
I am pleased to report that in spite of having been born in the middle of the worst cold streak in recent memory, our baby goats are doing great! 

My husband Chris handled the feedings and treatments while I attended Farpoint -- the drive back was a real lulu for me as I headed into what would become the storm system that caused the governor of Virginia to declare a statewide emergency, but I managed without incident -- and it was wonderful to see how much Aurora and her half sisters had grown in the three days I was away! We are still treating Idriel's e-coli mastitis, but she is now producing enough milk that Aurora has stopped taking supplemental feedings. But she still loves to cuddle and now will crawl up into our laps!

Idriel and her mom Luna make sure Aurora is safe with Chris.
(c) 02/17/2015 by Kim Headlee

In book news...

I am appearing as a guest author at MystiCon 2015 in Roanoke, VA Friday, Feb. 27th until Sunday, March 1st; in fact, the programming committee graciously accepted my panel topic suggestion, "Sequels to 19th Century (and earlier) Fiction," which is scheduled for Sunday afternoon. I will be moderating this panel too!

Other panels I've been scheduled for include "Fire the Canon!" (Friday evening, 2/27 alongside Writer Guest of Honor Peter David, about whether or not to rely upon a series' canon when crafting sequels), "Exposition in SF and Fantasy" (noon Saturday), and "Women in Space" (Sunday morning). I will have author signings following "Fire the Canon!" and "Exposition in SF and Fantasy," and an author reading session following "Women in Space."

MystiCon has been sold out for several weeks now, but if you have purchased a membership and happen to see me at the con, mention this blog post and I'll give you a copy of one of my novels!

If you are planning to attend the Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, VA later in March, please do make time in your schedule to stop by my Book Fair booth at the Omni Hotel on 21 March. Same offer applies: mention of this blog post is good for a free copy of one of my novels.

My new weekly blog feature, #SundaySnippets, features serial excerpts from my work-in-progress, Raging Sea. It's up to Chapter 1, Scene 4, but no worries if you have missed reading earlier installments; each excerpt contains links to the previous ones.

March 2nd - April 4th, Dawnflight will be on tour. Stay tuned for an announcement of the tour schedule! Its sequel Morning's Journey goes on tour in April, and Liberty follows in May. I will post the Morning's Journey tour signup link as soon as I receive it, but if you're interested in signing up for the Liberty tour (and I'm most grateful if you do), that signup form is here.

If you're a blogger, you're connected on Triberr, and you blog about the Arthurian Legends, even if it's only occasionally, take a peek at my new Triberr tribe, the Arthurverse (#Arthurverse)! I've found that Triberr is a great way to boost blog post views, and I'm happy to welcome new members who share my love for the Arthurian legends.

And I'm always on the lookout for more members to join my Street Team! All missions (mainly of the online variety, at present) are optional, but team members earn points toward special prizes such as free e-books, autographed print books, audiobooks, artwork, exclusive sneak peeks, and special mention in my next book! I invite you to join the Facebook group "Kim's All-Stars" and thanks!

During the Dawnflight tour, you are invited to...
— Follow me on Twitter
— Add me to Google+
— Subscribe to my YouTube channel
— Leave a comment on this blog, especially if you have done the Twitter and/or YouTube follow
...and each action this month is good for one chance to win an e-book copy of Dawnflight. Please enter often, and good luck!

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