Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Introducing #WhatToDoWednesday: Don't Panic @KimHeadlee

A worker assembling fortune cookies at the
Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, San Francisco, CA
(c)2013 by King of Hearts, used with permission:
King of Hearts / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Many years ago, I heard what was attributed as a Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

Heh. Well, these times—global emergency, financial markets in a tizzy, people stockpiling guns and toilet paper and engaging in various other forms of hair pulling and jumping about—certainly can be called “interesting.” I’m not pointing fingers or anything, but the “curse” does indeed fit.

Last Wednesday being Earth Day, which also coincided with the launch of my daughter’s new blog, Siren’s Call, I resolved to resume regular blogging again. My dad’s passing in 2017 caused a radical shift in my priorities, but I feel it’s time to climb back into certain saddles, beginning with this one. I’m still not yet ready to get back into writing new fiction, but I hope this will prove a worthwhile exercise for me and provide helpful information for you.

What sort of information? The hashtag #WhatToDoWednesday leaves room for all sorts of tips: recipes, cleaning, keeping fit and healthy, being courteous to our fellow human beings, saving money, saving our planet... the list is quite literally endless.

Why the picture of the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie factory? Because that ties in with the title of this post, which happens to be my favorite fortune-cookie wisdom that I have ever personally received:

Don't panic.

Seriously. Even if you’re facing unemployment, dwindling benefits, escalating interpersonal conflicts, and a looming rent check that won’t quit when everything and everyone else around you seems to be disappearing, take a breath, step back, and reflect upon what you do have. That’s Job One in any survival situation, and that’s what we're all faced with: surviving these uncertain and unprecedented times. Assess what you do have, assess what you need, and then form a plan for obtaining those needs.

Please note that I said “need” rather than “want.” There is a difference.

A person needs shelter; a palace may be something that person wants, but it’s overkill. Take an honest look at what you are labeling your needs, and then think about how those “needs” might be scaled down or perhaps eliminated in order to save you money and conserve other resources.

Think about how the acquisition of your “needs” might affect other people, perhaps depriving them of something they truly need, such as that last bottle of hand sanitizer, when you already have a case collecting dust at home.

Don’t panic... but do stop and think.

~Kim Iverson Headlee
The Story tells us.

P.S. My second favorite fortune cookie of all time told me: “The fortune you’re looking for is in another cookie.”

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