Saturday, July 9, 2016

Arthur changes his battle plan in Ch 13/Sc 1b of RAGING SEA by @KimHeadlee and #giveaway

Graphic overlay c2016 by Kim Headlee.
Life is messy. No one knows that fact better than a soldier.

Miscommunication, bad intelligence, changing alliances, and sometimes even acts of God or nature can conspire to send battle plans awry.

The campaign referenced in today's excerpt from Raging Sea had its aborted start in Morning's Journey when a plague ripped through Arthur's legion and left him without enough forces to complete his objectives.

Now, a year later, he is finally ready to resume that campaign.

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Raging Sea Chapter 13, Scene1a
©2016 by Kim Headlee
All rights reserved.

Angusel knew that voice, and fought the sudden churning of his gut as he turned Stonn to face the newcomer.

“Lord Pendragon!” He hated how shrill that must have sounded and cleared his throat as he thumped fist to chest. While Centurion Cato completed his salute, Angusel said, “I’m sorry, my lord, I didn’t see you—”

The Pendragon held up a hand. “Cato, the Angli raids on Lothian and neighboring Caledonian lands are intensifying, and I’m resuming preparations for the campaign that had to be suspended last year.”

Angusel recalled that the campaign had almost launched prematurely on an unconfirmed report, which could have caused a military disaster. The Pendragon’s Angalaranach campaign hadn’t resumed before now because the legion was still rebuilding after last year’s widespread and debilitating pox, and the Saxon attack on Maun.

“First Ala stays to defend headquarters, sir?” Although the centurion made an obvious effort to maintain a level tone, Angusel detected the note of disappointment, and shared the sentiment. That had been part of last year’s plan too.

Arthur opened his mouth, but whatever answer he would have given was forestalled by a courier approaching them at a full gallop. The optio reined his mount just shy of plowing into them, dipped a hand into a pouch slung across his chest, pulled out a small, wax-sealed parchment leaf, and thrust it toward the Pendragon.

A brief look of consternation flashed across Arthur’s face as he took the message and read it. “Give this to Comitissa Gyan,” he said to the courier upon returning the parchment to him. Angusel tried to ignore the jealous twinge at the Pendragon’s easy use of her name. “Tell her to prepare for leading all alae except the First and Sixth to the Senaudon staging area to join General Cai and his men. The Comites Praetorii will of course accompany her. Also inform her that Sixth Ala shall stay with the remaining centuries to guard headquarters, with Merlin in command.”

After the courier saluted and spurred his horse toward the praetorium, the Pendragon turned his gaze upon Centurion Cato and Angusel and the rest of the ala ranged about them. “I’ve been summoned to Caerglas for an emergency meeting of the Council of Chieftains. First Ala comes with me. Pack your battle-gear and two days of rations. We leave at once.”


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