Monday, May 16, 2016

Get ready for THE CHALLENGE by @KimHeadlee Graphic Novel Episode 1

The Challenge graphic novel, episode 1: Dilemmas & Deliberation
Story by Kim Headlee, Art c2016 by Wendy Carey.
Today on The Maze I am excited to report the completion of the first three pages of the graphic-novel version of The Challenge! The e-book edition of Episode 1, titled Dilemmas & Deliberation, will be available soon on a Kindle near you. :D

I am using Kindle Comic Creator software for this task—and I will be blogging about the software in a future Business of Writing post because I am about ready to stuff it down Jeff Bezos's throat. While I add the finishing touches to The Challenge: Dilemmas & Deliberation, I do invite you to download either the e-book or the audiobook edition of the full story for your reading or listening pleasure.

The teaser graphic, by the way, features principle character Gyanhumara (Gyan to kin and friends; a.k.a. Queen Guinevere of Arthurian legend) and Angusel (Angus to kin and friends; a.k.a. Sir Lancelot). While the Lancelot of legend is identified as Guinevere's champion and defender, in The Dragon's Dove Chronicles (Dawnflight, Morning's Journey, etc.), Gyan usually must fight her own battles and is, in fact, no stranger to the sword.


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  1. Fantastic news, Kim! I look forward to hearing all about the process (and as you know I'm all for women who fight their own battles) Good luck!


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