Friday, March 25, 2016

Contest winners, and Garrin gains the upper hand in KINGS by @KimHeadlee and PD Novak

A funny thing happened on the way to
the battlefield, but no one is laughing.
Kings by Kim Iverson Headlee
and Patricia Duffy Novak.
Today on The Maze I am pleased to offer another excerpt from Kings, a novella I cowrote with longtime friend and writing mentor Patricia Duffy Novak.

But first, please join me in congratulating the following winners (already notified) of my latest contests! 

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As promised, here is another excerpt from Kings—and Garrin gets the upper hand!


Years of practice in hand-to-hand combat had honed Garrin’s reflexes to a point as sharp as this Arthur map Uther’s sword. The instant the blade’s pressure eased, Garrin dropped and rolled, crashing into the stranger’s legs. As the man fell, Garrin yanked the sword from his grasp and sent it flying, then reached for his adversary’s throat. Garrin watched in satisfaction as the other man’s face turned red.

He’d teach this fool not to invade Helvar, regardless of whatever magical protection he bore.

“One hell, you say. I hope you enjoy it there.”

GENRE – Fantasy (Sword & Sorcery)
LENGTH – 10K words
PUBLISHER – Pendragon Cove Press
COVER ARTIST – Natasha Brown

A funny thing happened on the way to the battlefield.

Arthur, High King of Brydein, must fight the last of the rebel kings to acknowledge his right to govern them all: his old nemesis, King Urien of Dalriada. Before he can lead his army to where Urien’s forces sit ensconced, however, a fey man appears from the midst of a sudden, eerie storm to block the way. The man claims to be the high king of an altogether unknown land… and he wields uncanny power the likes of which Arthur has never seen.

Garrin, High King of Helvar, steps into a patch of mist. A breath later, he’s standing toe to toe with a man claiming to be the high king of an altogether unknown land… and this warrior-king is leading an army into Helvar, wielding a sword that resists Garrin’s magic. Only, the man insists that his sword isn’t enchanted and that Garrin isn’t in Helvar anymore.

What the bloody hell—or five hells, in Garrin’s case—is a high king to do?

Their encounter reeks of an enemy mage’s dark arts, and no one is laughing.


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