Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome Back to School from The Dawnflier (Sept. 2014)

Welcome to the September 2014 “Back to School” edition of The Dawnflier!

Now that my daughter is safely settled at college, and my husband is back in his high-school-math classroom, I have a LOT to report with respect to my novels and other projects!

First, I would like to let you know about a FREE Kindle promotion I’m running for one of my stories, The Color of Vengeance. Hurry: the promotion ends at midnight tonight (September 5th)! If you miss out, don’t worry; I’ll be running another free promo in October. Although The Color of Vengeance is excerpted from the second volume in my critically acclaimed, award-winning Arthurian series, Morning’s Journey, the story exists as a stand-alone work and may be read without having read any of my other novels in this series.

Second, please join me in congratulating the various winners (already notified) of ebook copies of Dawnflight and my latest novel, Snow in July: Kerry, RG, Karen, EC, Linda, DC, LYM, Maria, Kelly, CLH, and Caprisha. I will be sponsoring more giveaways soon—including another Goodreads giveaway for paperback copies of Snow in July in October—please stay tuned!

Third, it has come to my attention that some of my author colleagues have been behaving on social media in, shall we say, a less-than-professional manner when it comes to addressing customer service issues. I’m delighted that they have such large fan bases as to perhaps feel overwhelmed by certain types of requests, but I would like to take a moment to reassure YOU, my fans, that I will always make time for your questions!

Fourth, for bloggers and reviewers, I have promo opportunities on the horizon to give you great content for your web sites! Both tours are being organized by My Family’s Heart Book Reviews & Tours, and they are:
Snow in July Blog Tour, October 1-31, 2014
King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court Blog Tour, November 1-30, 2014
The above links will take you to the tour signup forms on Google Docs, which give the full details of each tour, including the types of guest posts I will contribute, and so forth. If you have already signed up—and I know some of you have—thank you very much!

Fifth and finally, I am excited to announce that King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court “by Mark Twain as channeled by Kim Iverson Headlee”, scheduled for 1 November 2014 ebook release, is now available for Kindle pre-order at only 99 cents! And, if that isn’t exciting enough, its audiobook edition is now in production!! In addition to reviewing and approving the audio files and art being developed for the fully illustrated hardcover edition (scheduled for release in November 2015), I am preparing an ebook edition of one of my older, Harlequin-published novels, LIBERTY, which I hope to have available for sale in December. Once I get all that done, I’ll be ready to move forward with RAGING SEA, the next installment of The Dragon’s Dove Chronicles! (And maybe keep the bears off my doorstep too. ;-)

As always, you are invited to...
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— Leave a comment on my blog, especially if you have done the Twitter and/or YouTube follow
...and each action this month is good for one chance to win an ebook copy of Snow in July. Please enter often, and good luck!


  1. Hi Kim, how are you tonight? I follow your u tube channel and added you to my google+. Unfortunately I cannot follow on twitter as I have reached my follow limit. I need more followers to follow others Grrrrr. Thank you again for the e-book. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, Linda, on all counts!! No worries about TwitR; I found you & followed (love your cover pic too!). You haven't =lived= on TwitR until they have suspended your account, several times within as many weeks, for no apparent reason. I just about chucked the whole thing out a window when I was first starting out! Now I've achieved some sort of balance, and the TwitRGnatsies don't bother me anymore. Say, why don't you put a new comment on this post (and I'll count it as another entry :) giving a link to your TwitR account, as well as the "@"whatever, and maybe some of my kind fans will help you out too!

  2. The first link (for Snow in July) seems to don't work for me. Can you check if the link is correct, Kim?
    Also... Linda, I added you in google+ and if you send here your twitter like Kim said, I can follow you there also.


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