Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Morning's Journey now available in print!

Morning's Journey by Kim Headlee 
Cover art by Jennifer Doneske & Joe Calkins
is available in print 
at last!

The long-awaited sequel to Dawnflight and the second installment in The Dragon's Dove Chronicles, this is the Arthurian Legends as you have never seen it presented before. Morning's Journey seamlessly blends myth and history, fact and fiction, legend and lore to deliver an action- and emotion-packed tale that's sure to please not only fans of the genre but anyone looking for a great read.

If you want to "try before you buy," I recommend The Color of Vengeance, a stand-alone short story excerpted from Morning's Journey that will soon be available as an audiobook edition too.

Dawnflight (The Dragon's Dove Chronicles, #1) The Color of Vengeance

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What others are saying about 
Morning's Journey:

Morning's Journey
is “...a page turning story that gives a new life to old stories.” ~ Gaele Hince, I Am, Indeed

“I love the way Headlee infuses historic languange to really flesh out the cultures and history of her world. Overall strong characters, good pacing and a vibrant world make for a compelling read.”
~ Craig Scott, CS Fantasy Reviews

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